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Daxter33- Noob-o-meter

2009-03-28 by [User]

RHQ Gold Review


GAMEPLAY: --rating-- 4/ 10

Well although me and daxter33 are friends i'm not gonna go soft here now lets get on with the review.

At the start of this obby you have too walk up a spiral of stairs, now i thought this was pretty easy after a couple of attemps all though when 10 of you are all trying too climb a spiral of stairs and everyone falls off makings gaps it is incredibly hard so in fact i think putting a disapeering stair case at the start is a very stupid idea. also you have too avoid the red bricks by jumping them which i think made it abit more intresting. then you get too a slide which is almost like sliding down sand paper so you have too get up and walk down it, crazy i know, when you get there you get too another spawn and claim the name "50% noob" now most people wouldfind that rather insulting, which i actually did. so you jump these cloud like shapes and you think you cant make the jump but actually there is alot more of the cloud in the corner of your eyes so after probally gaining 50 wipeouts by now you get too 25% noob then you get too a conveyer belt going very fast dodging lazers and then you get to probally the hardest part of the course which i think is a waiste of time and probally 60% of people go to another obby :D so when you get past this rainbow conveyer belt going in oposite dirctions you have too jump some stairs. with red bricks shoved on top looking rather weird now you have too jump the red bricks taking you too some trampolines that you have too jump repetively then finaly coming too 25% non noob then you have too go on this supposed "tite rope" which takes about 3 minutes then you get too 50% non noob which takes you too exactly the same lazer course as 25% noob but with a wall then you get too another stupid slide again taking your self too 100% non noob giving you acces too daxter33's rpg7 and some shards so you can take a path too 100% noob, and hapily kill the noobs making up for your 200 wipeouts get 200 kos and then the obby is done.


CREATIVITY: --rating-- 4/ 10

Well we've seen all these obsticles before to be honest so yeah a 4


EFFORT: --rating--2 / 10

Well this probally took about half an hour to make using free models so yeah a definite 2 from me sory dax

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Overall Rating: 3.3

Comments (9)

  [User]2010-03-16 13:15:46
Its outdated
  [User]2009-12-07 09:39:03
it use to be a different game thats why mate
  [User]2009-12-07 09:37:04
Its only a war game with vip
  [User]2009-11-19 21:27:42
this isnt an obby. ITS A WAR GAME, why do people keep callingit an obby
  [User]2009-10-15 03:28:57
aint true that he used free models... this map is awesome, this review fails...
  [User]2009-10-10 09:06:51
  [User]2009-04-08 10:48:54
It got a gold review actually
  [User]2009-04-04 08:13:00
well my revies seem to be better than yours, and anyway what did i spell wrong
  [User]2009-03-28 13:13:39
Learn to spell then come back

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